About Us

S. R. Management was established with the fundamental understanding that many enterprises around the world strive to evolve, grow and expand their businesses in parallel to cost-effective management leading to minimal cost and maximum profit.

Every business begins with a vision, an idea or a dream, until it unfolds. The desire to expand and increase activity, especially in international operations, requires a comprehension of a range of areas: financial, legal, taxation, market understanding and target audience.

company management and consultingIncreasing income not always produces higher profit.

Operating and procurement costs can be even disproportionately higher and this will painfully affect the budget.

The geographical footprint of your company has a significant impact on its profitability, its image and its positioning as a serious player on the international arena. The location of the legal and operating body of your business can affect regular expenses and taxation benefits.

We at S. R. Management believe that Bulgaria is now one of the most suitable places for companies to do business internationally, in all aspects. Why Bulgaria

Corporate tax in Bulgaria is only 10%, the tax on the dividend is only 5%.

Human resources, operating and purchasing investments are much lower than in many other places in the world.

Our business perception lies within the understanding of the needs of our clients and the creation of the right platform for their success – achieving goals, setting up a Bulgarian company and doing business through it in Bulgaria, Europe and the rest of the world.

company managementThe S. R. methodology we have developed, allows you to rest assured and let our experts take care of the company set up in Bulgaria, its management and all of the administrative, legal, financial and operations processing.

We believe in personal attention and support all along the way – only with S. R. Management you will be able to get a professional business representative who speaks your language and works daily in favor of your business success. The role of a personal representative is to coordinate all your activities, inform and report at any stage, monitor all work within the company, to your satisfaction, and all this comes to you in your language. 

Using our unique methodology, we give you the opportunity to save time and money, reduce liabilities and tax payments, increase your activity and most importantly – make your business more profitable!

At your service we offer a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience in all areas that will provide you with the professional services you would require. We believe in ongoing partnership and are thoroughly familiar with the intricacies of a company set up in Bulgaria. We know how to support you in promoting your business in Europe and around the world. We will ensure that the management of your company is executed in the best possible way, so you could focus on your expertise – successful development of your model and ideas!