Our Team

Our team includes management and financial experts, former executives at leading institutions in Bulgaria, with extensive experience in the business, financial, legal and trade domains across Europe and around the world.

Our company is proud to house a dedicated team, specialized in taxation and finance in Bulgaria, which enables us to produce the right taxation mix for you. We will further offer you even an experienced professional team in the field of bookkeeping originating from leading industrial and commercial sectors in Bulgaria.

The business connections we have created over the years, the rich knowledge and professional experience of S. R. ’s Management and Consulting experts give you confidence and create a platform for your success.

The connection between the Bulgarian and the European professionals creates a winning combination and an opportunity to promote and develop your business.

Our team consists of people with excellent experience who have worked with international companies in the following areas:

Company Management

Real Estate Management

Legal Service in Trade

Legal Service in Taxation


Accounting and Auditing


Customer Service