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Choose the right location for your business

the right location for your businessThe geographical footprint of your company has a significant impact on its profitability, its image and its positioning as a serious player on the international arena. The location of the legal and operating body of your business can affect regular expenses and taxation benefits.


Setting up a company in Bulgaria creates an economic springboard for your international business development

invest in bulgariaIn order to be successful, you would need to choose the right professional service provider who will offer you a total solution to cover the full steps of the process – from the company set up to the current company management in a healthy environment. Learn more why your business needs a business development consultant here: Business Development Consultant

Setting up a company, in general and in particular in an unknown country, requires professional knowledge in various fields and the ability to effectively navigate through laws, regulations and bureaucracy. Lack of knowledge is a significant disadvantage, which can cost you valuable time and money.

We at S. R. Management have developed a methodology for a company setup and controlled management in Bulgaria, which gives you the perfect solution for your new journey.

we can improve your profit

Our methodology helps you save money and precious time by making the company setup process fast and easy, by making the business management efficient and cost-sensitive. It creates business opportunities and opens for you the door to claim the international business arena.



Your personal business representative is dedicated to the success of your business!

One of the challenges we encountered in setting up a company in Bulgaria team of professionals or any other country that is not related to your origin, is the language barrier. Misunderstandings and miscommunication may create unnecessary problems and delays, and sometimes even result in a financial loss.

To prevent this, we at S. R. Management have decided to provide you with a personal professional business representative who speaks your language. Their role is to coordinate and manage for you all activities and liaison with all relevant parties. Your representative by S. R. Management is an experienced business professional and speaks your language. Their role is to inform you and report to you at any stage, monitor all work within the company, to your satisfaction, and manage all the work process in the best possible way.

The methodology we developed at S. R. Management guarantees you personal attention, close and precise support to any action undertaken within the company, supervision and controlling of the entire process from the company set up to the current company management. 

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to earn more, have as few expenses as possible and help you lead your business one step further.

the right mix for your Bulgarian companyUsing the S. R. Management’s methodology of a company setup in Bulgaria and company current management, we are able to put together for you the right mix required for your business, give you all solutions in a professional and efficient manner and support you in your language throughout the process.

With us you are granted a comprehensive service, so you would not need to personally handle your liaisons with lawyers and with the authorities, your accounting and report generation, your employee management, administration and more. Your time will be dedicated to promoting your business and we will take care of the rest.

You can select the scope of services that you need. We at S. R. Management will be happy to meet you, hear from you about your needs and build for you the right mix of services that would best work for you.


To set up an appointment and get more details, please, contact us and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours.tgcerrvb