Bulgaria 1st in Europe, 3rd worldwide in FDI in outsourcing


According to the annual ranking of Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Location Index 2015, Bulgaria is third in the world in terms of direct foreign investments attracted in the outsourcing sector.

Bulgaria ranks first in Europe, stated Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski at the opening of the annual conference of the leaders of the European Outsourcing Association.
Minister Lukarski pointed out that our country is developing successfully as a destination for investments in the outsourcing and IT industry.
“The information and communications technologies sector and the outsourcing and business services sector are among the main engines for the opening of new jobs in the country. At the end of 2015, these stood at over 42,000,” added Lukarski.

Lukarski underlined that the European Outsourcing Association did not pick Sofia randomly as a location for the launching of the initiative for the implementation of a Global Standard for the Outsourcing industry. He added that this is proof of the successful development of the sector in the country and well-deserved recognition for Bulgaria, which was declared Outsourcing Destination of the Year in 2015.

“This is a venture which will ensure positive growth of the industry on a global scale and enhance the reputation of the sector via the implementation of standardised qualification programmes at every stage of providing outsourcing services,” added Lukarski.

According to him, the standard will improve the effectiveness and value of services for both suppliers and customers of the outsourcing industry, and contribute to increasing professionalism in the sector.

The initiative started in Bulgaria will be joined by Russia, China, Spain, the USA, South Africa, Egypt, Albania and Poland.

Source: http://www.poandpo.com

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