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If you’re looking to establish a business in Europe, here at S.R. Management and Consulting, we bring many decades of experience to the table, with leading management experts, financial advisors and former executives from some of Bulgaria’s leading institutions and largest corporations.

Your all in one Bulgarian company formation and business management provider, helping you make your first steps as you launch, operate and make a success of your business in Europe.
Our team consists of financial experts with extensive experience in the business, financial, legal and trade domains across Europe and around the world.
Personally reporting to you at any stage, we provide dedicated, personal account executives to monitor all aspects of work undertaken by us and our team of experts.
Allowing you to overcome any language issues and avoid any miscommunication worries, our team consists of people who speak fluent English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Dutch.
S. R. Management

Our Services

SR Management offers a range of all-inclusive Bulgarian company formation packages and services, providing one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your business setup and operating here in Europe.

With English and multilingual speakers and staff on hand to help with every step of the process, choose from our range of financial, legal and management services:
Setting Up a Company in Bulgaria
Providing everything you need to assist with the incorporation and formation of your new company.
Management of The Bulgarian Company
We will manage the coordination and organization of business activities for your company.
Business Development
We will guide you through the process of turning your idea into a successful business by providing efficient and effective services.
Financial Services
You'll save money and increase efficiency through a diverse array of financial services, accounting, VAT and annual reports.
Online Business Bank Account
We can help you kickstart your new business by opening up an easy-to-use local, online bank account.
Administrative Management
We offer you administrative support to save you money, energy and time.
Real Estate in Bulgaria
With our local and international real estate network, we can help you find and manage any real estate investment.
Legal Consulting
We can offer you the legal guidance and advice you need from the very start - we will research, study, evaluate.
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Discover how we can help your business expand in Bulgaria

Developing supportive, commercial partnerships can make the real difference between success and failure. This is why so many entrepreneurs are looking to hire a professional company formation and management company like S.R. Management and Consulting.

To get started, why not book a free 1:1 business consultation call to discover how we can handle all your day-to-day operations, equipping you with the expertise and on-the-ground knowledge you need to make the right decisions and succeed as you expand here in Bulgaria.