Crisis Management in Bulgaria

You already know how much of an important part a business’s reputation plays in its success.

It’s essentially part of their brand and it covers everything from its relationship with its employees to its vendors, partners and of course – customers, and one of the biggest threats therefore to any company’s reputation is a crisis event.

In the worst cases, a crisis can be so bad, causing so much collateral damage that a reputation will never recover – even leading to bankruptcy.

But what exactly is a crisis?

Essentially, a commercial crisis is an unusual event that causes a significant disturbance in the company’s ongoing activity which potentially can create huge damage to the company’s clients, employees, incomes, assets, and reputation.

It can grow with time or suddenly appear. Either way, time is of utmost importance.

How can a crisis be created?

  • Improper conduct
  • Problem in product
  • Cyber-threats
  • Terrorist attack
  • Internal politics
  • Misunderstanding of regulation
  • Malicious rumors
  • Internal disloyalty

Our Crisis Managers have the skills required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with serious situations, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.

Is it possible to be prepared for a crisis?

Every organization can prepare for a crisis.

How to recover from a crisis?

Crisis management is the immediate reaction to a disaster, usually in the form of public relations work. The goal of crisis management is to mitigate damage and reduce the level of negative publicity caused by a disaster.

To do this, a recovery plan is created while the crisis is occurring. A good recovery plan covers two aspects – minimizing the damage, while managing the crisis.

Our crisis managers will assist with reputation recovery, investigation of the event and even seize new opportunities from the situation.

Personal Crisis Management

Apart from companies, individuals can also be subject to a financial crisis caused by external or internal events, that’s why SR Management & Consulting provide Crisis Management services to individuals as well.

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