Our Services

Setting Up a Company in Bulgaria
We offer everything you need to help you set up your new business, from VAT registration and bank accounts to managing all Bulgarian registration procedures.
Business Development
We will guide you through the process of turning your idea into a successful business by providing efficient and effective essential services, from business plans through to legal and tax analytics.
Online Business Bank Account
We can help you kickstart your new business by opening up an easy-to-use local, online bank account with your unique, dedicated EU IBAN from one or more of the many banks here in Bulgaria.
Everyday Management of The Bulgarian Company
We will manage the coordination and organization of business activities for your company. Allowing you to outsource all aspects of your planning, organizing, directing, and management of resources so they can meet your business objectives.
Legal Consulting
We can offer you the legal guidance and advice you need from the very start - we will research, study, evaluate, so we can provide you with the most informed and up to the minute advice and recommendations.
Financial Services
Saving you money and boosting efficiencies through a diverse set of financial services, tools and tailor-made approaches.
Administrative Management
We offer you administrative assistance to cut your costs, energy and time.
Real Estate in Bulgaria
With local and international property connections we can assist you in locating and managing any type of real estate investment, both here in Bulgaria and across Europe.
Our marketing experts specialize in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing.
Crisis Management
Our experts identify, assess, understand and cope with crisis situations, from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.

We know how to support you in promoting your business in Europe and around the world.