Foreign Direct Investment in Bulgaria for January-October 2019 reached 953.3M EUR

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Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria in the first 10 months of the year stood at 953.3 million euro, the equivalent of 1.6 percent of the gross domestic product, statistics from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) showed on December 20. In the same period of 2018, FDI was 399.5 million euro, but the original amount reported by BNB last year was 842.2 million euro, which was revised downward later.

Investment in equity, including in the real estate sector, recorded an outflow of 429.6 million euro (compared to an inflow of 185.7 million euro in January-October 2018) and re-invested earnings accounted for 81.2 million euro (down from 267.6 million euro a year earlier), according to preliminary data.

Receipts from real estate investments by foreign companies totaled 3.4 million euros, compared to 15.7 million euro during the same period of 2018.

The central bank data showed 1.3 billion euro in investment inflows as debt instruments, recorded as the change in the net liabilities of Bulgarian companies towards their foreign investor owners, compared to an outflow of 53.8 million euro in the first 10 months of 2018. Such financial flows include financial loans, suppliers’ credits and debt securities, BNB said.

By country, the largest direct investment in Bulgaria in January-October 2019 came from the Netherlands (422 million euro), Germany (233.7 million euro) and the United Kingdom (168.3 million euro). Notable net outflows were recorded towards the Czech Republic (-37.2 million euro).

According to preliminary figures, Bulgarian investment abroad increased by 290.8 million euro in the first 10 months of 2019, compared to 222.5 million euro in the same period of last year, BNB said.



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