Business climate in Bulgaria improved in January 2022

business in Bulgaria

A regular monthly poll by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) has found that managers see the business climate in Bulgaria as having improved, the second consecutive month of perceived improvement, following several months in a row of decline in 2021.

Releasing the results of the poll on January 28, the NSI said that this month, the total business climate indicator was up by 1.5 percentage points compared with December 2021.

The indicator was raised by the outcome of polling among managers in Bulgaria’s industry, construction and retail trade sectors.

In the industry sector, the indicator was up by 2.6 percentage points, with managers less negative about the state of their businesses and more favourable in their forecasts for the coming three months.

In the construction sector, the indicator rose by 1.2 percentage points, with managers more positive in the outlook for their businesses in the next six months.

The indicator for the retail trade was up by 1.8 percentage points, with retailers more favourable about the outlook for the next six months, while their forecasts for orders to be placed with suppliers from both domestic and foreign markets over the next three months remained positive.

However, in Bulgaria’s service sector, the indicator was down by 0.6 percentage points, with managers shifting their expectations for the state of their businesses over the next six months from “better” to remaining the same.

Retailers saw the demand for services as having improved, while their expectations regarding the next three months were reserved, the NSI said.





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