Onward to Eurozone Integration: Bulgaria Receives European Commission Approval for 2025 Entry

Bulgaria Eurozone

Bulgaria’s step towards joining the Eurozone got a big thumbs-up from European Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni. He confirmed this during a meeting with Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Lyudmila Petkova, who’s in Brussels for two days, as per the Finance Ministry.

During their chat, Petkova highlighted what Bulgaria’s temporary government is focusing on: meeting the requirements to join the Eurozone and sticking to our Recovery and Sustainability Plan. She also talked about Bulgaria’s plans to use the second chunk of money and update the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, especially the REPowerEU part. They’re meeting the next day with the leaders of the Working Group on Recovery and Sustainability from the European Commission.

The European Commission’s support for Bulgaria’s Eurozone entry in 2025 is a big deal. It shows we’re moving closer to being part of the European Union, which could help our economy grow and become more stable.

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